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1.  Title:  Wounded Warrior Waterfowl Hunt
Category: Club Activities and Volunteer Projects
Description: In Novemeber our club in partnership with Avery Prostaff sponsored a young man and his wife to go waterfowl hunting. This gentelman was given two days to hunt with the Avery prostaff hunters. The NWSC paid for his license, stamp, ammunition and food and lodging.

2.  Title:  Wounded Warrior Hunt w/ Avery Pro Staff 12/2010
Category: Club Activities and Volunteer Projects
Description: NWSC was proud to Support again this year a Wounded Warrior hunt provided by Kent Contreras and Allen Riggs from Avery Pro Staff.  Our Wounded Warrior this year is a US Marine,  home town of Boise Idaho. Currently living in Northern Idaho.  With the Finanacial Support of NWSC, we were able to provide over night accommodations, food, all licensing and ammo.  Our wounded Warrior enjoyed a day of Waterfowl Hunting with our member Roy Jennings. 

3.  Title:  Volunteer Projects- Disabled Sportsmans Shoot
Category: Club Activities and Volunteer Projects
Description: On the first Sunday in May, 25 of our volunteers lead by Rob Allen, had a very successful Disabled Sportsmans day at Miller Ranch. Twenty-one physically disabled sportsman were given the opportuntiy to hunt for Chuckars, and to shoot rifles from Muzzleloaders to Long Range Tacticle Rifles. After a wonderful BBQ lunch, NWSC had a drawing for a 17 cal. Savage- a lucky young woman was the winner. Several other door prizes were given away to our guests. A very big thank you to all of our volunteers, Rob Allen for his amazing leadership, and of course to Scott Miller from Miller Ranch!

4.  Title:  Volunteer Projects - Sea Cadets volunteering their time representing the NWSC at Turnbull
Category: Club Activities and Volunteer Projects

5.  Title:  Volunteer and Financial Support Our Club Has Supported:
Category: Club Activities and Volunteer Projects
Description: Inland Northwest Wildlife Councils Big Horn Outdoor Adventure Show

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