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Jerry Barron's Corner


Governor Inslee has written a letter to the DFW commission that states the wolf policy needs to be more lenient with less lethal action. The previous policy has allowed for multiple depredations before any wolves are killed. The Center for Biological Diversity appealed to the governor and achieved this action. I guess there are more votes from the so-called animal rights groups than from ranchers and hunters.

Big Game Draws – Not many left
Texas applications for Gun Deer either sex and National Refuge Deer are due Sep 15th
In Texas, there are opportunities to hunt about anything from A to Z literally You can draw a alligator tag, and I will bet some ranch offers zebra. Many of these hunts are in the dead of winter. A great time to go enjoy some warmer weather.
These are the next of multiple categories that Texas offers. Application dates are due the first and fifteenth of August, September, and October. Application are only $3.00 or $10.00 depending on the hunt. You can apply for multiple hunts in each category. Texas does a good job with information. Many of the areas list the success rate, and the number of applicants that applied last year.
There are several in the Gun Deer category that might be interesting. The Powderhorn is way down at bottom of Texas. The limit is three deer, either sex, but only one good buck, and one spike. Success is close to 80%. I know you are not going to Texas to shoot a deer, but the permit also allows for a Sambar and an Axis, either sex. Rather good success on Sambar, but only a few get axis. Odds of drawing are around 120 to 1. The Powderhorn hunt is also one of the hunts offered on the raffle hunts

Several of the National refuge hunts also offer exotics, particularly Nilgai, in addition to generous deer limits. Twenty-three hundred miles or so from here, but the weather might be a bit warmer down there.
Texas applications due October 1st are of no interest, but stay tuned. The ones coming in the next update are great opportunities if you are lucky
Montana applications for points are due by September 30th
Wyoming applications for points are due by October 31st

Jerry Barron

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