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Jerry Barron's Corner

UPDATED: September 29, 2019
Cougars continue to be problems animals. The records in 2018 listed 376 killed. Of
those 101 were for "public safety". I heard that this year in Spokane county alone the
number is around 30. I know it was 17 back in July. That costs the Department a
considerable amount of money. If the department really gets to the point of needing more
money, there are plenty of hunters willing to pay to harvest a cat. No magic, just a way to
turn an expense into a profit.
Most of us believe there are way more cats than the WDFW cougar brochure estimates.
That brochure says 4 cats per 100 square miles. In another paragraph, that number is
1900 to 2100 in the state. that works out to be 4 cats in 135 to 150 square miles. There are
nearly 1800 square miles in Spokane County. So, that means somewhere between 48 and
72 cougars depending on which paragraph, but wait. Before you out think this by
assuming that that the problem cat kill and then the legal harvest total is going to add up
to more cats than live here. First, the estimated number is mature cats. The kill number
includes the sub adults. WDFW does seem to report predator numbers in a manner that
leads us to believe there are fewer than there really are.
To add to the doesn't make sense list, the quota listed in the regulations is 7 to 9 for unit
124. Do you think the estimates and regulations might need to be tweeked a bit?
Big Game Draws -
Texas applications due October 15th
These are the good ones. Terrible odds, but applications fees and license cost for the
required license, if you draw, are affordable. There are around 20 different categories,
but the following are the ones that interest me.
Feral Hog -- Just something fun to do, but shoot the young gilts, The boars stink.
Guided Desert Bighorn Sheep. -- -This is the cheapest application of any state. I think
Texas has around 1600 sheep.
Guided Gemsbok --- They treat you well, and you get the meat. If you have been to
Africa, you have eaten Gemsbok, and enjoyed it.
Guided Schimitar Oryx. --- One of the very few places that this animal is available.

Gun Mule deer -- You should get a mature buck
National Refuge Exotic. --- Opportunities for Nilgai, and you might get to see some
alligators and rattlesnakes

Montana apllications for points are due by September 30th
Cathy and I have drawn 5 hunts this year in 3 different states. Four of those with points.
Montana is like Washington. They square bonus points, so you may never draw, but you
certainly have a better chance with points, than without.
Wyoming point applications are due Oct 31st
Kind of like buying a great hunt on the time payment plan. Wyoming gives a percentage
to the high point holders. True preference, so unlike states with only bonus points,
eventually you will draw.

Jerry Barron

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