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2019 Track Chair Campaign

updated 2019 track chair donation form[1364].pdf - (Portable Document File) Download: updated 2019 track chair donation form[1364].pdf 126.78 KB

This binder consists of 63 stories from 13 different states. SIXTY THREE avid outdoorsman and women from the west coast clear over to the east coast and many states in between have lost their ability to enjoy the great outdoors and all the joy, peace and beauty that we sometimes take for granted. Not only has our local Spokane non profit Nwsc Spokane WA already changed the lives of 4 people, we will be giving away 3 track chairs in the next couple of months. With the deadline for submission in the past, hours were spent tonight organizing, alphabetizing and copying all of these stories to share with our committee to begin the selection process. Who knew a thought in the kitchen could turn into such a life changing experience for everybody involved. Thank you again for all of the local support from our club members to ensure we continue this project every year. Buckle up because this isn’t going to be easy!!! In a dream world, everybody disabled would get the chance to experience the outdoors again.

Boone Bartlome Winner 2016
Jordan Simon Winner 2018
Doug Nachtigal Winner 2017
Kyle-Tara Miller Winner 2018

2019 Donors
 John & Theresa Belknap $4050.00
 Jim & April Lalonde $3550.00
 Vernice & Fred Zanko $2,375.00
 Rob & Peg Roy $1500.00
 Scott Miller $1500.00
 Stan & Michelle Flugel $1000.00
 Dave & Susan Thompson $1,000.00
 Nate & Angela Perrenoud $1,000.00
 Winter Blessings $1,000.00
 Howard Raab $800.00
 Terry & Carrie Rogers $500.00
 Bret & Tracy Burnside $500.00
 Michelle Ellingsen $500.00
 Sportsmans Warehouse Christmas Wrap $305.00
 Jerry & Dawn Yamada $300.00
 Jim & Stacey Cahill $250.00
 Dave & Denise Lawless $250.00
 Cody Hoseth & Brian Zenke $250.00
 Chuck & Patty Moles $250.00
 Rob Allen $250.00
 Larry Dearman $250.00
 John DeMello $250.00
 Doug & Bonnie Schroeder $250.00
 Tim Chestnut $150.00
 Miles Fedines $100.00
 Wade & Stacey Hammonds $100.00
 Gary Varella $100.00
 Dan & Jen Condon $100.00
 Doug & Wendy Baker $100.00
 Mike Jones $100.00
 Mary Kuney $50.00
 Roger & Brenda Blizzard $50.00
 Pacific Salmon Charters $50
 Matt Miller $50.00
 Jackson Pring $50.00
 Bruce Van Horn $20
 *Miles Fedines donated an Optima V2 Nitride with Camo Stock and fiber optic sights muzzleloader
 *Rob Allen donated a Winchester model 1200 12 ga Shotgun.
 *Jamie Belknap & Michelle Flugel donated a whitetail skull embellished
 *Tim Chestnut donated two cases of wine
 *Pacific Calls donated two custom NWSC waterfowl calls
 *Spokane Jr. Rifle Team donated 5 private one on one rifle instruction classes
 * Doug & Robin Nachtigal donated a 1/4 beef + cut & wrap