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1.  Title:  2019 Free Youth Shooting Day at Little Canyon Shooting in Peck ID
Category: Volunteer Projects
Description: Copied from a Sponsor email shared to NWSC: Just a free Day for Kids. We have done it again. I have witnessed again the great smiles and grins on a great bunch of boys and girls. They showed up in pickup loads with mom’s, dad’s and grandpa and grandma’s. It was a great sight for these old eyes. You just feel the excitement in the air. First thing the young hunters done when they arrived was to sign in and get a name tag, along with the name tag the young hunter and his mentor received the best darn tee shirt from little Canyon Shooting sports with the name of the sponsors on the back. As soon as they had a group of 4 hunters away they went to the trap shoot range. When each hunter got to shoot at 15 clay pigeons back down to the ranch and then it was up to the fields where the rooster pheasants were located. Each kid got to shoot at or try to shoot at over some of the best working...

2.  Title:  C.A.S.T. for KIDS fishing day on Clear Lake September 29, 2012
Category: Volunteer Projects
Description: Getting our morning briefing and last minute instructions. Thank you NWSC members for Participating! John Belknap, Theresa Belknap, Tom Belknap, Stan Flugel, Michelle Flugel, Doug Baker, Wendy Baker, Dan Condon, Jim Betz, Ross Milliken, Eric Davis, Ryan Davis, Vicki Davis, Howard Raab and family, Lee Flaugher, Nate Perrenoud, Angela Perrenoud, Doug Schroeder, Bonnie Schroeder - Captain Stan Flugel with his group. - Captain Doug Baker with his group - Captain Jimmy Betz on the Fairchild Recreation Center's Pontoon boat - Captain John gave lessons to his 'lil guy on how to run a trolling motor! - Captain John gave lessons to his 'lil gal on how to run a trolling motor! - Captain Lee Flaugher on the Fairchild Recreation Center's Pontoon boat - Fishing was a little slow, Captain John let the kids drive the boat! - Fishing was a little slow, Captain John let the kids drive the boat! -...

3.  Title:  Columbia Plateau Wildlife Management Association / Volunteer Project- Turnbull Refuge Area
Category: Volunteer Projects

4.  Title:  Financial Support Our Club has Given
Category: Volunteer Projects
Description: Recently our club donated $1000.00 to the local 4-H Shooting team to purchase two shotguns for their Youth Shooting team. One of their members with her family and director are pictured here.

5.  Title:  Inland Northwest Wildlife Councils Big Horn Outdoor Adventure Show 2011
Category: Volunteer Projects

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