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Washington State Certified Instructors Jim and Rick Parman class schedule


Email Jim Parman at:


For schedules of other classes in the area check the WDFW website at:




Instuctor Jim Parman's Website




We have now finished class number five, which ends our class schedule for 2010.  Overall we had nearly 60 students attend our classes.  Students ranged in age from nine to seventy!  Some of our students were parents or grandparents who elected to take the class with their kids.  Most had either completed hunter education requirements in the past, or were born before the magic January 1, 1972 date.  Their election to complete the course along with the kids is always welcome when we have seats available.

For the younger students, parent or other adult involvement provides a big assist when it comes to fulfilling the requirements of the curriculum.  Statewide statistics tell us that 10 year olds and younger are not able to pass the course about 25% of the time.  Our experience has been that direct parent involvement improves this statistic dramatically

Todd Cotter, Daniel Thiesen, Max Reeder, Shaun Abell, Tim Fisher, Gordon Humphries, Jeffery Cotter, Jeffery Doty, Hunter Jorgensen, Baylee Schneider, Jordan Dugger, Kyle Humphries
5th graduating class:Hauser Lake Field Course
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Makayla Whitehead, Maria DeGraff, Casey Shenyer, Shawnee Konrad, Terry Shenyer, Preston Rahn, Hunter Stewart, Joseph Konrad, Amanda DeGraff, Garrett Estinson, Eddie Konrad, Sierra Green, Cheyenne Konrad
4th graduating class:Hauser Lake Field Course
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Joshua Ryder, Catherine Reynolds, Hannah Harwood, Kily Fleming, Jackson Moore, James Reynolds, Hunter Hamilton, Makayla Whitehead, Conner Kirk, Ben Harwood (Not Pictured- Christian Millard & Don Congrove)
3rd graduating class:Hauser Lake Field Course
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Tom Christie, Brian Drake, Bobby Purkhise Becca Kenney, Kaylyn Zastoupil, Thomas Drake
2nd graduating class:Hauser Lake Field Course
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Michelle Flugel, Angela Perrenoud, Randall Ayres, Stacey Cahill, David Borgman, Cody Rasmussen, Theresa Belknap, Justin Hombel, Rustin Roth
1st graduating class:Center Target Sports in Post Falls, ID
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Shown below are photos taken from our five graduating classes of the year. These classes were held at the Spokane Elks Lodge in the Spokane Valley.  The first 16 photos are from our first session. The next nine  are from  our fourth session.  The next three photos were taken at the Hauser Lake Field course from our second graduating class. The following photo is of our winner of the $100.00 gc to Wholesale Sports. The lucky winner of the drawing was Thomas Drake  pictured with President John Belknap. The following five photos were taken at the field course of our fourth graduating class. The next three photos were taken at our Spokane Valley Wholesale Sports store.  Purchased at a reduced price from managers Reagan and Brian, our officers received five $100.00 gift cards to be issued to one lucky youth student for their active participation in the class. Jerry Barron, Cathy Barron and John Belknap are shown in these photos. Jackson Moore is in the photo  with President John Belknap. He was the lucky winner of the $100.00 gift certificate to Wholesale Sports .

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dsc01351.jpg dsc01352.jpg dsc01358.jpg dsc01359.jpg dsc01360.jpg dsc01363.jpg dsc01368.jpg dsc01370.jpg dsc01376.jpg dsc01377.jpg dsc01378.jpg dsc01379.jpg dsc01382.jpg dsc01390.jpg dsc01393.jpg dsc01396.jpg dsc01680.jpg dsc01682.jpg dsc01683.jpg dsc01688.jpg dsc01701.jpg dsc01714.jpg dsc01715.jpg dsc01720.jpg dsc01722.jpg dsc05591.jpg dsc05592.jpg dsc05593.jpg dsc05595.jpg dsc05819.jpg dsc05823.jpg dsc05826.jpg dsc05832.jpg dsc05833.jpg he_photosgetattachment.jpg hepgetattachment.jpg hephgetattachment.jpg huntered_5.jpg hunters_edphoto.jpg img_0737.jpg img_0746.jpg img_0748.jpg img_0751.jpg img_0753.jpg img_0754.jpg img_3660.jpg img_3850.jpg june_july20201020class.jpg