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Jerry Barron's Corner

UPDATED: MAY 31, 2023

June -- Peach thinning time. My son’s trees are loaded. I can hardly wait for fresh out of the garden and fruit from the trees. Up here in the foothills, lost a few trees, interesting weather, but the Red Haven peaches are doing well.
Baby everything, Turkeys, quail, and fawns will show up some time this month everywhere.

Big Game Draws
Arizona applications for deer, bighorn, and bison are due June 6th
If you applied for a species earlier, you already have the $160.00 license required to enter, and the application is only $15.00 per species

Deer--- Arizona has mule deer and Coues deer. They manage for older age class mule deer in those areas in the Arizona strip. 13B is the area everybody goes for as the average deer is 27 inches I have been told. I hunted there for 6 days and killed one that was only 24 inches. My point is that you do have to hunt. You may go days and not see a deer, but the big ones are there.

Bighorn--- Arizona has Desert and Rocky Mountain. Trophy quality is great with both. The desert in Arizona is not as dry and arid as the ones in Nevada. Terrain may be easier on the eyes, but, after drawing the Superstition Wilderness, I discovered that it not easier on the body. Without the help of some friends, I would not of made a 537-yard shot, and without the help of the friend’s grandsons, I would not have even got the ram out of there!

Bison - - - Bring lots of money, lots of points, and lots of luck if Bison is on your bucket list. Tags are expensive, hard to draw, and if you draw one of the free ranging permits, the buffalo may not even come out of the park.
Utah applications for antlerless is due June 22nd
Utah offers different point categories for the female bighorn, moose, deer, elk, and antelope. The sheep and moose are bonus points and the rest are preference.
This is a great opportunity to put meat in the freezer that might be a bit more tender than the trophy we always try for. The odds are much better. The hunting license required to enter is only $ 72.00 and the applications are $15.00. The tag costs are much less expensive. Either apply or save points

Jerry Barron

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