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Why Join Northwest Sportsmans Club?

  • To Socialize with friends that share the same interests as you.

  • To Educate our youth in the fields of Conservation, Shooting, Hunting, Fishing and related Outdoor Activities.

  • To support various Environmental, Educational and Charitable groups of our choosing.

2018renewal northwest membership form (3).pdf - (Portable Document File) Download: 2018renewal northwest membership form (3).pdf 42.83 KB

When you click on the file above to open the membership form, also click on the view tab in your browser. That will pull the form up in the proper viewing position. When you print the form, it will be in the proper format.

We welcome our New Life Members to the Northwest Sportsmans Club.  They have joined the club of supporters that no longer need to hassle themselves with yearly membership dues.  The Officers and Board of Directors extend a huge thank you for their support of the clubs mission to futher our youth education and hunters activities that our club endorses.




Life Members as of April 11th, 2018
Rob Allen
Doug Baker
Wendy Baker
Cathy Barron
Jerry Barron
Boone Bartlome
Brad Batterton
Jamie Belknap
John Belknap
Steve Belknap
Theresa Belknap
Brian Carpenter
James Cavender
Tim Chestnut
Mike Clancy
Duane Cocking
Dan Condon
Amy Conley
Pat Conley
Steve Edwards
Michelle Ellingsen
Rick Ellingsen
Cheri Eppard
Sue Flaugher
Michele Flugel
Stan Flugel
Kevin Folsom
Jeff Geary
Marty Gisolo
Thomas Grieb
Carl Griffin
Dave Hartman
Erin Hughs
Roy Jennings
Clive Jones
Happi Jones
Torrey Lanning
Wade Lawson
Chris Lee
Little Canyon Shooting - Sonny Hairston
Jim McHugh
Pat McIntyre
Casey Mckern
Art Moyer
Brian Nelson
Mark Nelson
Kevin Oberst
Pacific Salmon Charters - Milton Gudgell
Pacific Salmon Charters - Robbie Gudgell
Nathan Perrenoud
Angela Perrenoud
Ken Pickens
Doug Piehl
Brad Pinney
David Primmer
Howard Raab
Keith Raab
Terry Rogers
Doug Schroeder
Dave Thompson
Susan Thompson
Bob Thornton
Gary Varrella
Penny Jo Wagner
Dawn Yamada
Jerry Yamada
John Yamada
Robert Yamada
Vernice Zanco
Craig Zeutschel