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Save the Date: February 9th, 2019 at the Davenport Grand Hotel Downtown Spokane, WA

2019 auction donation form.pdf - (Portable Document File) Download: 2019 auction donation form.pdf 208.35 KB
irsletter proof of nonprofit nwsc.pdf - (Portable Document File) Download: irsletter proof of nonprofit nwsc.pdf 52.17 KB
nwscdinner reservation form.docx2019[6659].pdf - (Portable Document File) Download: nwscdinner reservation form.docx2019[6659].pdf 172.28 KB
updated2018track chair donationform[1364].pdf - (Portable Document File) Download: updated2018track chair donationform[1364].pdf 350.79 KB

Reservation information for the Davenport Grand

There is no commitment with this option, as we do not block off any rooms. The discount is based on availability at the time of each reservation.

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Participating properties:
· The Historic Davenport, Autograph Collection
· The Davenport Grand, Autograph Collection FUNDRAISER IS AT THIS LOCATION
· The Davenport Tower, Autograph Collection

PLEASE NOTE: Guests must use this link when reserving their room(s) in order to receive the discount; reservations cannot be made by phone.

This discount is based on availability, and rates can fluctuate depending on when each reservation is made. In order to guarantee the best rate, we recommended making reservations as soon possible!

Reservations may be canceled up to 48 hours prior to check-in, with no cancellation fees.

Davenport Grand Hotel Reservations

NWSC Information

Greeting from the Northwest Sportsmans Club;

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. The Northwest Sportsmans Club is a non- profit 501 C-3 organization. We are a vibrant group of Hunters, Conservationists, Educators, Sportsmen and Sportswomen. We have approximately 250 members. Many of our members are also members of the NRA, Ducks Unlimited, Mule Deer Foundation,
Wild Turkey Foundation, Walleye Clubs, Bass Clubs, Hunter Heritage, Wild Sheep Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Columbia Plateau Game Management, Safari Club International and Dallas Safari Club.

We are sharing our story with you today to ask for your financial support or donations towards our upcoming annual dinner -fundraiser. We use the funds raised that one evening to support all our programs for 2019.

The Northwest Sportsman’s Club has members in the Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Texas. We encourage you to check us out on the web, our address is: www.northwestsportsmansclub.org. We are also on Facebook @nwsportsmansclub and Instagram @northwest_sportsmans_club

Exciting things happened with our club in the past three years. At our January 2016 fundraiser, our guests in attendance contributed funds to a special project. We successfully raised enough money in less than ten minutes to buy a young outdoorsman a Track Chair so that he will be able to pursue his hunting, fishing and outdoor experiences beyond his wheelchair.

Our selection process was exhausting, but an 18-year-old quadriplegic from Boise ID was our lucky recipient. It is an amazing feeling to be able to give this gift to a young man that lost his use of his limbs do to an injury in football at such a prime time in his life. At our January 2017 fundraiser in minutes we did it again and have the funds to give another candidate a track chair that will change their way of enjoying the great outdoors.

The recipient of our second track chair lost his use of his legs due to an automobile accident involving a drunk driver. He is a husband, father of two daughters, owner of a ranch. The track chair allows him to get to the barn, watch his daughter in the rodeo circuit plus go turkey hunting and fishing again.

This third year we have received over 17 applications. That is almost 5 times the amount of applications we received our first year. We will be making our final selection in the next few weeks. Our committee is very excited to see what our next year will bring.

We are preparing now for our 11th Annual Fundraiser scheduled for February 9th, 2019 at the Davenport Grand Hotel in downtown Spokane, WA. Our doors open at 4:30pm. We will be having raffles, a silent auction and live auction with a dinner and dessert auction. We will be announcing our donors throughout the evening and printed in our evening literature.
If you have any questions about our organization, I would be happy to answer your questions.

This upcoming year we have reduced our evening dinner ticket to $60 per adult, $30 per child. We will continue to have the same type of auction evening as in the years prior.

On behalf of the Northwest Sportsmans Club, I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for considering a donation to our cause.


Theresa Belknap nw.sc@live.com 509-922-6023 NWSC Auction chair
Dawn Yamada dawnya21@msn.com 509-443-0754 Guest Services Chair

Merit Page

We are a non-profit organization with a 501 C-3
All of these Volunteer Opportunities and Financial Support are made possible because of the money raised during our one Fundraiser / Auction that is held annually

• Held a successful Youth Free Fishing Day at Fishtrap Lake 2017
• Financial support to the Hayden Long Shot Youth Shooting team
• Held a successful Track-Chair Campaign to purchase a chair for a quadriplegic outdoorsman 2016 & 2017
• Financial support to the 4-H State Champion for travel expenses
• Purchased firearms for the First Hunt Foundation program for youth
• Financial support to the Pacific NW Adventures 4 KIDS
• Financial Sponsorship towards the Northern Wild Sheep & Goat Council 20th Symposium
• Financial Support given to the Spokane Shooting Stars team for their 2016 & 2017 team expenses
• Purchased a GPS tracking collar for WDF&G Dog Jax for training the dog to help with problem bear removal
• Provided volunteers to assist with the Lincoln Cliffs Sheep Capture 2015.
• Financial support to the Jack O’Connor Hunting Heritage and Education Center.
• Financial support to the Spokane Rifle Team for Travel expenses 2015 & 2016
• Financial support to the Washington State Patrol Family Fishing day May 2015
• Financial Support the FFA 4-H Rangers with the funds to purchase four rifles for their shoots.
• Financial support to the Spokane County 4-H Winter Shoot 2015, 2016 & 2017
• Financial support given to the Youth shooting team / Spokane Scholastic Shooters Club 2015 and 2016
• Financial support to Hauser Lake for their legal expenses against city of Hauser
• Purchased two Robotic Deer for the WDF&W 2015
• Financial support toward the Youth Outdoors Unlimited 2014 & 2015 (sponsored a disabled youth Bear hunt)
• Purchased Accessory Rail systems for the Spokane SWAT Team 2014
• Purchase of two metal detectors for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.
• Financial support to the EWU Sportsman’s club to restore a fishing boat.
• Financial Support to the Columbia Plateau Management for conservation toward Deer Park seeds and fertilizer as well as other conservation supplies.
• Financial support to the Freeman H.S. Trap Shooting Team 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017
• Financial Support to the Spokane County 4-H Shooting Sports
• Financial Support to the Cheney Boy Scout Troop#407 “High Adventure Back Packing Trip”
• Financial Support to Abby Denmark to help w/ travel expenses to National Scholastic Clay Target Shoot
• Ladies & Youth Shoot at the Spokane Gun Club
• Financial Support towards the Spokane Boys and Girls Club
• Financial Support to the “Friends of Turnbull”.
• Financial Support to the Scholastic Clay Program to support a local youth shooting team 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
• Held a successful ten participants Wounded Veterans Fishing trip- August 2012
• Financial Support towards “Youth Outdoors Unlimited” April 2012, Sept 2014, May 2016
• Financial Support towards the Junior Rifle Team to compete in Alabama 2012
• Financial and Volunteer Support for a ‘Women’s Only Shoot’ at the Spokane Gun Club May 2012
• Financial and Volunteer Support towards the C.A.S.T. for kids fishing September 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015
• Financial and Volunteer Support towards the Valleyfest Fishing Pond Activity
• Financial Support towards the US Navel Cadets Fun Shoot- Shotgun Training August 2011
• Sponsored a Boy Scouts of America Fun Shoot Fall of 2011
• Financial Support given to the Washington Dept. Fish & Wildlife to Purchase Night Vision Goggles
• Financial Support towards the “Balls & Chain” Fishing derby in September 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
• Donated time and financial support to the Kid’s Free Fishing day at Clear Lake 2011
• Wounded Warrior Steel Head Fishing Trip Fall 2011, 2013
• Volunteer Support for a ‘Women’s Only Shoot’ at the Spokane Gun Club May 2011, Sept 2014
• Volunteered at the Washington Fish & Game Fin Clipping Project
• Financial funding to the Annual Youth Shooting Day in Peck ID at Little Canyon Shooting Preserve 2015 & 2017
* Financial Support given to the US Navel Cadet Survival Training School December 2010
• Financial Support towards the Youth Shooting day in Peck Idaho and volunteer support.
• Sponsored an Eastern Washington University Trap Shooting team for the Spokesman Review Winter League.
• Sponsored a Youth Trap Shooting team and a Youth Skeet team for the Spokesman Review Winter League 2011
• Financial Support given to the Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Fishing Club for their Spring and Fall
Youth Derby for prizes in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017
• NWSC is an affiliate of Washingtonians for Wildlife
• Hosted a Youth fishing day at Waitts Lake 2009, 2010, 2011 ,2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017
• NWSC is a voting member of the Cheney Merchants Association
• NWSC is a voting member of Hunter’s Heritage
• Financial Support given to the Washington Dept. Fish & Wildlife for paintball guns and balls to taize animals in residential neighborhoods
• Delivered 500 pounds of fish caught at the Fishing Pond/ Valley fest to the Union Gospel Mission
• Volunteered and worked the Valley Fest Fishing pond 2010, 2011
• Donated $1,000 towards the Dallas Safari Club Ecological Foundation
• Sponsored the local 4-H travel expenses for the National Shooting Competitor from the Spokane area.
• Supported the Naval Sea Cadet Trap Shooting / Gun Handling training session April 2010.
• Sponsored a Youth Trap Shooting Team through the Spokesman- Review Trap Shooting Program. 2010
• Scheduled 35 classes of WA State Hunters Education programs from March – August for New Hunter’s Certification. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017
• Financial support towards the Turnbull Collar project supported by the WA Fish & Wildlife Dept.
• Volunteer support as well given to help track the Elk -- 2010 and 2011
• Financially supported the Panhandle Bass Anglers youth fishing clinic at Rose Lake in partnership with the ID Fish & Game. Volunteer support as well.
• Financial Support towards the WA Fish & Wildlife Large Game Removal Program. Money went towards The purchase of a winch to humanely and safely remove large game from residential areas.
• Volunteer Support with the Wholesale Sports Store grand opening.
• Financial Support for a Wounded Warrior Waterfowl Hunt with Avery Pro Staff November 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017
• Financial Support towards the Wounded Warrior Quinault Bear Hunt
• Our NWSC is affiliated with the Wild Sheep Foundation.
• Our NWSC is affiliated with Dallas Safari Club.
• Donated funds to the Mule Deer Foundation for a Biologist Study.
• Hosted a Dallas Safari Club Regional Meeting in our Spokane area.
• Hosted a Summer Booth at the Fairfield Flag Day Celebration.
• Financial funding towards all Youth Shooters at the Spokesman Review Trap Shooting Contest.
• Board members personally donating funds to help with the purchase of a Trailer for the 4-H kids.
• Financial funding to the 4-H Shooting Team to purchase two new shotguns.
• Hosted an extremely successful Disabled Sportsman’s Shoot at Miller Ranch 2009- 2017
• Volunteered at the Washington Fish & Wildlife Fin Clipping Project
• Financial funding for the Stevens County Deer Feeding Station