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Jerry Barron's Corner

UPDATED: September 16, 2018
We are close. The track chair committee has turned in the ballots. There were so many, so deserving. It was tough for us to vote on who should be the winner. I voted for more than I should have. It may come down to a coin toss.

More depredations (7) in the old Profanity peak area. The director issued the kill order. The radicals tried, and believe it or not, failed the get the injunction from a Thurston County judge.
Meanwhile, the Togo pack is still at it. Seems we, no they, are reluctant to kill the female because of the pups. I don't suppose they would consider just shooting the pups to begin with.

Big Game Draws
Texas has applications due on the first and fifteenth in August , September and October. I will attempt to cover the various ones that interest me, and a few that may interest you. I like the ones that come off in December, January, and February. Four seasons are great here, but sometimes an escape for a few days in mid winter is enjoyable.

Texas applications that are due October 15, 2018
These are the last , and the best, for Texas this year.
Feral hog --- Something to do in the winter, but success rates are not 100%.
Gun , Mule deer....A hunter did shoot a dandy at the Yoakum Dunes, but there are probably better places to hunt mule deer than Texas , but some restrictions are interesting. I detest antler point restrictions! They just declare that we don't have enough and desperately need to have limited entry. But, unlike Washington, Texas has many areas that specify minimum width, not minimum points. That eliminates the "super twos), etc. I will bring that up at out next GMAC meeting.

National Refuge , Exotic-- The refuges way South include all the Nilgai antelope you can find and shoot. That might be a deal, but you do have to put up with alligators and rattlesnakes.

Guided Hunts---- You can apply for a Gemsbok, and/or a scimitar horned Oryx. These are conducted on the Mason Mountain property and are great. Cathy drew a Waterbuck there one year. They furnished lodging, fed her Tex-Mex one night and BBQ the next, drove her around and sized up the animals. She shot , they field dressed, loaded and hung the animal. The only disadvantage is that they do not allow a companion. Unless you apply together, you are on your own.

Desert Bighorn---This one is a little tougher than the Mason Mountain hunts. The terrain they live in is quite a bit steeper!

Wyoming preference point applications due by September 30 --- If you ever want to be able to hunt in a draw area, points are required. Wyoming gives us a chance to accumulate points and enjoy a good hunt in the future, Wyoming points are preference points, so you can plan your hunt based on the number of points you have, Cathy and I saved for 12 years, and this year we spent points where we can hunt antelope, deer, and elk in the same general area that has quality animals in all three species.

Montana point applications due by September 30 --- Deer and elk general season points are preference, so you can save and get drawn. But, to get a good area for deer and elk, or draw a tag for the other species, those points are bonus, like Washington, and they square those points. So, you need the points to increase future chances, but with the nonresident limitations, you might draw, but you cannot plan or count on a successful draw ever.

Jerry Barron

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