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Jerry Barron's Corner

UPDATED: June 12, 2020
WDFW is updating the 3 year plan. Our club was asked to submit our thoughts for the future management. Armed with the knowledge that at least 8 cougars were killed by the dept within a 5 mile radius of my home, and the complaints from members that see more wolf tracks than undulates, our suggestions were for more generous seasons for predators and less opportunity for does and cows. We also suggested that the fall turkey tags become less expensive than they are now. The change process takes a while, gets lots of comments, and crosses several desks. We can only hope that enough others see things like we do. We are happy to be part of the process.
Big Game Draws –
Well, Washington drew, but we did not. Did you draw. If not, and you enjoy game meat as we do, there is an excellent opportunity coming up shortly
Utah antlerless application are due June 18th
Utah has this later application for antlerless. Antelope, deer, elk, moose, and new this year, a tag for a California bighorn ewe. A hunting license is only $65.00, and the application fee is $10.00 per species. You can even draw 2 deer and 2 antelope. The cost if you draw is as good as it gets for a nonresident. Starting at less than $100.00 for deer and antelope, a little over $200.00 for elk, and a little over $700.00 for moose. The ewe is $1000.00. I drew an elk tag earlier in the regular draw. I can still draw any one or all of the tags above. This draw is a bonus point draw, unlike the regular draw that is an automatic win if you have the most points. The application can be for a bonus point if don’t want the hunt this year. By the way, Utah does not square the points.
Coming up
Preference and bonus point info for Montana and Wyoming---Later Texas applications

Jerry Barron

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