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Jerry Barron's Corner

UPDATED: January23, 2019 -

Oregon and Arizona added

Big Game Draws
Wyoming elk applications are due January 31st
Wyoming has different application for different species. Elk is first. They have true preference points, but also a random draw in some, not all, areas. Unlike other states, whether you have no points or less than maximum points, you get one chance at the random draw. The point here is that if you don't have enough points for an area and you want to go, then apply only in an area with a random draw. Many applicants think they apply, but they have no chance.
Another item is the cost. A "regular" elk tag application costs $707.00. A "special elk tag application costs $1283.00. Same tag, same hunt, same dates. The idea is that fewer will apply for the special, so they pay more than the ones that apply for the regular. It does not always work that way. Sometimes the odds are better for the regular tag. By the way, the costs listed do not include the 2.5% credit card fee.
I have hunted in and killed a six point bull in unit 31 and another in unit 32. both of these are great areas. The areas South around Rocksprings without wolves are my preference. I applied and drew unit 111 last year farther East and closer to Casper. I wanted to scout bighorns in that area, and the elk success rates looked good. OOPS, there was a ton of private land. There was a blizzard. Temperatures dropped to single digits. Pipes froze in the trailer. The generator would not start. I left with my tail between my legs. I ate the tag. I will put Cathy in unit 100 this year, but even with 13 points, she has maybe a one in ten chance in the preference point draw, but it is an easy area. The random draw odds will probably be 5 or 600 to 1.
Oregon spring bear applications are due February 10th
This is the first draw for Oregon. To apply, a $167.00 license is required. I would not buy that for the bear, but it is needed to apply for the other species later, so I buy it now. Oregon has preference points, and they don't give many nonresident permits.
I have seen as many as 7 bears on a hunt there a few years ago, but rather than hike back in as we did then, I would rather go up the Snake river. It is not unusual to spot bears from a boat there.
Arizona elk and antelope applications are due February 12th.
Arizona requires a $160.00 license before you can apply. They have a preference/bonus point system. So, whether you have maximum points or not, you still have a chance at some great hunts. The first two choices are considered before they move to the next applicant. Nonresidents get a chance at 10% of the tags, 5% to the maximum points and 5% to the random draw. Unlike years past, anybody can draw the best tag. a good strategy is to apply for a dream tag first, and a just a good tag second.
Elk---The early tags are as good as it gets. Bulls bugle everywhere! it will drive you nuts. It is just a matter of settling for how big a bull you are willing to take. If you want wilderness, you can pack in the camp. Most roads are open and you are not restricted to just walking on them. They let you drive!
Antelope---Arizona does not have as many antelope as many other states, but they manage them well. Unit 10 has the most permits. We hunted there and located a 80"plus goat, but a guide and three other hunters had him spotted also. Big ones don't go unnoticed. We may try 5B. We have hunted deer and elk there. Look in the timber for antelope.
Jerry Barron

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