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Jerry Barron's Corner

UPDATED: JULY 21, 2019
WDFW has had their hands full with problem cougars. Spokane County alone had 16 or 17 eliminated in the first half of the year. Harvest guideline for units 124,127,130 is 7 to 9. The other counties here in the Northeast had higher numbers also than in previous years. Some wonder why. I am not a biologist, but I am fair with math. Everybody agrees that there is less habitat, and there will continue to be less habitat. Some (even in the WDFW) do not believe that predation is a problem. They might be biologists. WDFW has confirmed 126 wolves. We know how they count, and the number is probably closer to 200. A biologist told me that a wolf eats 5 pounds of meat each day. Every study agrees that cougars take out a deer a week. I suspect that considering the weight of fawns that the wolf get at least one ungulate each week. Back to the math. 200 wolves time 52 weeks runs the death toll to over 10,000 ungulates. The eight cougars that were killed as problem cats within very few miles of where I live accounted for 400 deer. Ten deer were coming to my feeder. I am getting three today.
WDFW is conducting a predator prey study. Last mortality report does not confirm any wolf predation. Although, there is a significant number in the "unknown" category. I have a fear that the biologists (and others) will conclude that wolves are not a problem if confirmed wolf kills are not recorded.
Back to the math. We have less habitat, and more predators. The result must be less game. Guess what. We have more problem cougars, and the wolves are preying on livestock.
Big Game Draws
Texas applications for Alligator and Pronghorn antelope are due August 15th
Perhaps a long way for an antelope, but the quality is good. While I don't really care about an alligator hunt, the meat is good and the hide is valuable. I have not read this year, but in a previous season, it was stated that rubber boats were not allowed in one of the hunts
Texas applications for Exotics are due August 1st
Some of these are low success and fairly difficult. Some have fairly high success, and easy. Again, some are in winter after hunts up here are done .

You can hunt about anything in Texas. Applications date deadlines begin in August and are due the 1st and 15th in August , September, and October. Application fees and licences (if you draw) are less expensive than most states. The other plus is a lot of hunt dates are in the dead of winter when a trip to a warmer climate is welcome. The website shows hunter success, and some categories include other species as well. Stay tuned for dates as they become due.
Montana apllications for points are due by September 30th
Cathy and I have drawn 5 hunts this year in various states. Four of those with points
Wyoming point applications are due Oct 31st
Kind of like buying a great hunt on the time payment plan.

It is a berry good year, lots of big huckleberries

Jerry Barron

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