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Northwest Sportsmans Club Chapter Board of Directors July 2018 - 2019

President:Stan Flugel 509-638-2772
First Vice President:Jamie Belknap 509-991-6669
Second Vice President:vacant
Secretary:Cathy Barron 509-994-2047
Treasurer:Tamara Barron 509-991-0513
Past President:Nate Perrenoud 509-994-6795

President Stan Flugel with Stone Sheep from the Yukon Territories August of 2016

First Vice President Jamie Belknap with her 2018 Extreme Huntress trophy Axis Deer

Treasurer Tamara Barron with her Spokane County Whietail 2016

Secretary Cathy Barron with her Idaho Big Horn Sheep 2014

   Board of Directors  
 Three Year Term 2016- 2019
 * John Belknap 509-922-6023
 * Cody Hoseth 509-994-0870
 * Gary Varella 509-435-3369
 Three Year Term 2017- 2020
 * Rob Allen 509-481-1717
 * Jerry Barron 509-994-2047
 Three Year Term 2018 - 2021
 * Theresa Belknap 509-990-3013
 * Mark Nelson 702-249-5382
 * Angela Perrenoud 509-879-0335
 Alternate 2018-2019
 * Roy Jennings 509-928-1984

   Committees and Chairs  
Big Horn Show:Stan & Michelle Flugel
By Laws:Jerrry Barron
Disabled Sportsman:Rob Allen, Mark Nelson
Fish & Wildlife Issues:Michelle Flugel & Jerry Barron
Fundraiser:Theresa Belknap
Government:Cathy & Jerry Barron Barron
Hunters Education:Michelle & Stan Flugel , Jerry & Cathy Barron, Steve Belknap, Nate Perrenoud
Legislative Issues:Cathy & Jerry Barron
Membership:Stan & Michelle Flugel
Nominating Committee:Board of Directors
East:John & Theresa Belknap
North:Angela & Nate Perrenoud
Track Chair:Jamie Belknap, Cody Hoseth
WDF&W:Michelle Flugel & Jerry Barron
Web Site:Theresa Belknap