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2019 Track Chair Campaign

updated 2020 track chair donation form[1364]..pdf - (Portable Document File) Download: updated 2020 track chair donation form[1364]..pdf 124.48 KB

What a year we have had in our selection process! Just imagine that yes we have made three households extremely happy.....but we have made 69 households disappointed!😢 The one huge point in all of our selection process was to all keep a positive attitude that our process is fair, and our non profit in Spokane is doing the best we can. To all of the track chair applicants that did not make this years selection, keep your heads up. Our goal is to not only spread the word that this is a valuable project, but also to expose that their are a lot of folks that need this type of chair to get outside and enjoy life that many of us take for granted. If you live in WA state, ID State, OR state or MT, we will be having our kickoff at our next fundraiser in Feb. 2020. If you applied this year, we welcome you to apply again. More information on this campaign will be shared the first of the year. Congratulations to Josiah Sullivan, Jonathan Bence and Bruce Van Horn. You have just joined a very special group of track chair recipients from the NWSC!

2016~ Boone Bartlome
2017~ Doug Nachtigal
2018~ Jordan Simon & Tara Miller
2019~ Josiah Sullivan, Jonathon Bence & Bruce Van Horn

Congratulations to our Three 2019 Track Chair Recipients! Pictured here in the track chairs from left to right: Josiah Sullivan- Nampa ID, Jonathan Bence- Spokane Valley, Bruce VanHoorn - Spirit Lake ID. In the back row are most of the voting panel members. from left to right: Michelle Flugel, Stan Flugel, Cathy Barron, Mark Nelson, Tamara Barron, Jerry Barron, Jamie Belknap, Theresa Belknap, John Belknap and Rob Allen
(Also pictured in the back row is Board member Keith Raab.)