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2019 Free Youth Shooting Day at Little Canyon Shooting in Peck ID

Copied from a Sponsor email shared to NWSC:

Just a free Day for Kids. We have done it again. I have witnessed again the great smiles and grins on a great bunch of boys and girls. They showed up in pickup loads with mom’s, dad’s and grandpa and grandma’s. It was a great sight for these old eyes. You just feel the excitement in the air. First thing the young hunters done when they arrived was to sign in and get a name tag, along with the name tag the young hunter and his mentor received the best darn tee shirt from little Canyon Shooting sports with the name of the sponsors on the back. As soon as they had a group of 4 hunters away they went to the trap shoot range. When each hunter got to shoot at 15 clay pigeons back down to the ranch and then it was up to the fields where the rooster pheasants were located. Each kid got to shoot at or try to shoot at over some of the best working dogs you ever wanted to witness. Each hunter had the dog handler and a mentor with him at all times. When the group was done back down they came, I might add there was more than one field that had dog’s, dog handlers and mentors that the young hunters went to. I might add that when the hunters finished the trap shoot there was a brown tag put on the name tag, when they finished the bird hunt there was a green tag on the name tag so we knew that each young hunter had completed the course. What a great sight to see young hunters come down from the hill carrying 1,2 roosters with a grin a mile wide from ear to ear. When they were through with that they could go to the cleaning facility so they could receive a demo and help with cleaning there birds.

There was so much to do, the archery range was open where young folks could shoot at life sized targets from different range. There was the small bore rifle range where the young folks could shoot at targets with animals on them that I have never seen. The Chief started serving food around 10:30 and you couldn’t miss the wonderful aroma no matter where you went. Hamburger’s, Cheeseburger’s, hotdogs with all the trimmings. If you went out and worked up another appetite you just went back for seconds and thirds, the food and drinks never ran out.

One of the great things was Sonny taking groups for a tour of the hatchery and the chick raising facilities. The young and old were shown where the baby pheasants were hatched and what they looked like when they came from the egg. How the chicks are put into incubators and raised till they go into larger pens. What a great place to just spend the day.

This was a FREE day for kids and all that arrived. We at the Gamebird Foundation want to thank all that help sponsor this gig. I don’t dare start naming names as I would miss or forget some of the great folks that helped put this on.

We really want to thank Sonny, Andy and their families, also the great employees and the many volunteers that showed up to help with this great event. God Bless every one of you and thank you again.
Jim Hagedorn
Executive Director
The Gamebird Foundation

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