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TrackChair Campaign 2016

October 1, 2016

Pictured here is our Track - Chair winner Boone Bartlome and Jamie (Belknap) McCarthy. During our fundraiser in January 2016, a campaign to raise funds to give a track chair away to a young disabled outdoorsman began. The funds were raised in less than ten minutes. After months of seeking applicants and the tough decision of who would get the chair; Boone was selected from a panel of 9 committee members. This chair will be a life changer for sure for this young man. Our only regret was that we were not able to give a chair to all our applicants.

KREM 2 News Video clip

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Boone out enjoying the country side with his nephews, November 2016

Thank you from Boone Bartlome

Rich Landers article dated September 29th, 2016. Spokesman Review, Spokane, WA

Trac fab chair

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The history of the funding for this campaign.

Last night at our 8th Annual NWSC Fundraiser, we had the honor of a
"walk -in" donation from one of our Board members, Chance Hughs. He made a shadow box filled with the following:

American Flag (Iraq) patch worn by a SEAL operator in support of combat operations in Iraq and surrounding areas (2003 -2004)

Lion Patch (Afghanistan) The "Gold Team" patch was worn by a SEAL in multiple combat operations in Afghanistan and surrounding theatres ( 2010-2015)

* Trident The US Navy SEAL Trident, is given to those men whom have proven themselves and stand ready to actually draw the "Line in the sand"

*Emerson "SPECWAR" knife, Many have tried to design a knife for the Teams. In Chance's opinion the Emerson is by far the #1 result. That being said, we all know the true value of a multi- tool.

After the presentation of this Shadow box, a guest came forward and introduced himself to our audience as Lt. Thomas Norris. He presented his "Medal of Honor Challenge Coin" to be a part of Chance Hughs donation for the cause. Every person in the audience was moved by both these men's presentation!

All proceeds from the sale of this Shadow Box and the addition of the "Medal of Honor Challenge Coin given to us by Lt. Thomas Norris were placed in the "Track Chair Campaign" NWSC Life Member Kevin Oberst purchased the Shadow Box for $7250. Thank you to everyone that made that presentation such an emotional part of our evening.

doug Clarks article from the Spokesman Review

Chance Hughs- Creator and Donor of the Shadow Box

Kevin Oberst (Life member) $7250.

Dave's Bar & Grill / Dave & Susan Thompson (Life members) $2000

Casey McKern's Foundation (Life member) $1500

CAD / Brad & Tonyia Pinney (Life member) $700)

Rob Allen (Life member) $500

Tim & Janet Chestnut (Life member) $500

Stan & Michelle Flugel (Life members) $500

Perrenoud Roofing / Nate & Angela Perrenoud (Life members) $500

Ken & Vicki Pickens (Life member) $500

USA YESS Youth Shooting Team $500

Gerry & Dawn Yamada (Life members) $500

Zanco property Management / Fred Zanco (Life member) $500

Mike Clancey - Life member $400

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