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Track Chair Campaign 2018 ~~~ Thank you to all our Applicants-- If you were not chosen, please reapply next year. Jamie's goal is to keep it going..... maybe we will have the funds to give a way 3 next year! :) A HUGE thank you to our guests that attend our fundraiser in February. The supporters of our club, our members that are constantly opening their wallets to support the many projects we do year round.

Congratulations to Tara Miller and Jordan Simon for winning the track chair campaign. This years marks the 3rd and 4th chair the Northwest Sportsman's Club has gifted a Disabled Sportsman a track chair. Our goal with this campaign is to give mobility to an outdoorsman that loves to hunt, fish or spend time in the outdoors as much as we do; but no longer can because of the loss of their limbs.

A few words from Tara Miller;

….What a great day!! Can't wait to get out and see what this chair can do!! It will definitely change my experience outdoors!!

….Thank you #NWSC for this amazing gift!! We appreciate all you have done and do for the disabled sportsmen and women!!

...Jamie Belknap you are awesome and was so great meeting you and others from the committee! Life Changing for sure!!!

….I'm so excited to put the chair in motion in the great outdoors!! Thank you again for EVERYTHING!!!

...So excited!! Can't wait!!! ❤ Thank you again for all you do!! This will be so great to help with our independence in the great outdoors!!

….It is a pretty cool gadget!

...Thank you to my father-in-law for sending me the application to apply!!

...Going to take it to the pumpkin patch this weekend! ❤

A few words from Jordan Simon;

....Thank you so much to everyone for the amazing chair! I am going to get this thing dirty tomorrow!

....I cant wait to drag my deer behind this thing!

....Thank you so much to my buddy Dave for sending me the application!

....Words can't express how thankful I am to all of you that made this possible!

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jordan simon's track chair application.pdf - (Portable Document File) Download: jordan simon's track chair application.pdf 1.33 MB
tara miller - track chair application.pdf - (Portable Document File) Download: tara miller - track chair application.pdf 17.84 MB
updated2018track chair donationform[1364].pdf - (Portable Document File) Download: updated2018track chair donationform[1364].pdf 350.79 KB

   Prior Campaigns  

A message from Chairman
Jamie Belknap

Two years ago, I had the idea that our nonprofit conservation group in Spokane could raise the money to donate an action track chair to a disabled sportsman who no longer has the mobility to do what we all love to do. In 2017 we gave away our second chair to a very well deserving man. I am so thankful to be a board member for such a wonderful organization who has the power to give back to our community in such a wonderful way. I can't wait to give away our third track chair in 2018.
Jamie Belknap

A message from our 2016 winner
Boone Bartlome

One thing is for sure, we never know what good or not so good things life will throw at us. Being chosen as the recipient of a Track Chair is beyond good – it is Unbelievable! My life has changed drastically since my injury. I am appreciative of all the people who continue to help me make the best of it. This effort by your club makes more of a difference in my life than most realize. To be given a gift like this is so humbling. The kindness and generosity of so many people have made me a very lucky guy. Thank you so much for such an amazing gift!

Boone Bartlome

A message from our 2017 winner
Doug Nachtical

I am having a hard time putting into words how appreciative my family and I are for the generous gift that the NWSC has given me. This past fall I received the track chair. I was able to be at the fence line watching my daughter compete at the National level in Rodeo, I have been able to help on my Ranch. This Spring will be the first time I have ever been able to join my oldest daughter Spring Turkey hunting. My goal this spring is to finally be able to go fishing on a dock. The NWSC has been extremely generous and I am proud to be affiliated with such a group. Thank you from all the Nachtigal family!
Doug & Robin Nachtigal

A message from Fundraiser Chairman,
Board member Theresa Belknap

The track chair is one of the most rewarding projects the NWSC does. Jamie has taken then reins of this project and put her personal touch on the fundraising efforts. At our last fundraiser our members and guests came together to support this worthy cause by raising over $17,700 in one evening. The task of choosing the recipient is not an easy task. The 14-member selection panel our first year only had 3 applicants, our second year we had 24 applicants. As the years go on, and the word gets out, I am sure the number of applicants will continue to grow. Rest assured, we all take this selection process very seriously.
Theresa Belknap

Selection Committee:
Nate Perrenoud, Gerald Yamada, Roy Jennings, Angela Perrenoud, Theresa Belknap, Jerry Barron, John Belknap, Cathy Barron, Jamie Belknap, Cody Hoseth, Gary Varella, Stan Flugel, Dawn Yamada, Rob Allen & Michelle Flugel

2018 Donors

Kevin Oberst
Chance Hughs
Zanko Properties/ Vernice & Fred Zanko
Dave’s Bar & Grill/ Dave & Susan Thompson
John Belknap DDS / John & Theresa Belknap
Casey McKern’s Foundation
CAD/ Brad & Tonia Pinney
Rob Allen
Tim & Janet Chestnut
Stan & Michelle Flugel
Perrenoud Roofing / Nate & Angela Perrenoud
Dawn & Jerry Yamada
Ken & Vicki Pickens
USA YESS Youth Shooting Team
Mike Clancy
Cody & Jamie McCarthy
Sportsmans Warehouse / Brian Carpenter
All American Arms / Terry & Carrie Rogers
Dianna & Shane Bartlome
Dave & Denise Lawless
Jim & April Lalonde
Brad & Lisa Batterton
Al Heck
Dan Davis
Kevin & Tamara Barron
Sean Morrissey
Gary Varella
Howard Raab
Eric & Mandy Steiner
Clive & Happi Jones
Mike Valente
Ed & Kate Hemenway
Ron & Linda Sonho
Doug & Bonnie Schroeder
Drew & Julie Heimbigner
Rick Parman
Eric & Laura Thorleifson
Scott & Cheryl Rae
Brett & Stacy Holmdahl
Chris Baker
Penny Jo Wagner
PABCO / Pat & Amy McIntyre
Little Canyon Shooting Preserve/ Sonny Hairston
Steve Belknap
Leonard Wolf
Pacific Calls / Trevor Austin
Ryan & Kaylen Flugel
Jerry & Cathy Barron
Robin & Doug Nachital
John DeMello
Alex Knapp
Rob & Katharine Heskett
Rob & Peg Roy
Chuck & Marsha Taes
Jesse Miller
Wendy & Shawn Flugel