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Jerry Barron's Corner

UPDATED: October 18, 2021

The NWSC is a member of the Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation WWC. This is a blanket organization with multiple member clubs all believing in conservation. In Hunter education classes, we emphasize Conservation and define it as wise use. We teach wise use as opposed to preservation (non-use). With only a few over 170,000 licensed hunters out of the somewhere around 7,000, 000 residents in Washington, we are faced with more and more who favor preservation. I heard that one WDFW individual remarked that if predation continues to increase and there comes a time with not enough game for hunters “well, so be it”.

Here is the WWC newsletter with more in depth information covering the threat we are faced with. (The WCC Newsletter is in a link after this conversation.)

Big Game Draws -

Wyoming applications for points only closes November 1st

Wyoming is one of those states where you can draw in a lot of areas without maximum points, but, if you save points, you not only can draw, but eventually you will draw

Texas applications for Gemsbok, Scimitar horned oryx and Desert bighorn are due November 1

Texas has bonus points, so anybody can draw.

These are all guided hunts. Texas owns Mason Mountain, a ranch that has exotic animals. Texas game department personnel treat you well on this ranch. My wife drew a Waterbuck tag there a few years ago, had a very enjoyable experience and harvested a good waterbuck. The game probably won’t be a world record, but it will be a respectable representative of the species.

The bighorn will be hunted on a location determined later by the department.

Jerry Barron

newsletter 2021-10.pdf - (Portable Document File) Download: newsletter 2021-10.pdf 5.40 MB

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