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Jerry Barron's Corner

UPDATED: February 13, 2019
If you missed our banquet, you missed a great event. It was cold. It snowed, The wind blew. That did not keep many away. We had a very successful evening that will provide the means to continue give away track chairs, fund youth and disabled events, provide hunter education, and support conservation for hunting and fishing and related outdoor activities. Thanks to all of you for your support.
One of the projects we support is happening now. Our club teamed up with the INWC to provide a capture net for use with the WDFW predator prey study in progress now. That net is here and has been tested. You can participate in the capture process (rodeo) if you desire. Let us know if you are game, and we will provide more information.

Big Game Draws
Wyoming bighorn, moose, mountain goat, and bison applications are due February 28th
Wyoming has different application for different species. Elk was first. This is the second. They have true preference points for moose and bighorn, but none for mountain goat or bison. There is also a random draw in some, not all, areas for bighorn and moose. Unlike other states, whether you have no points or less than maximum points, you get one chance at the random draw. The point here is that if you don't have enough points for an area and you want to go, then apply only in an area with a random draw. Many applicants think they apply, but they have no chance in those areas without the random draw..
Wyoming has a lot of Wilderness. Some for real, and some artificial, where they doze the road closed and put up sign that says it is now a wilderness. Either way, you can hike in, even fish, but you cannot hunt without a guide or Wyoming citizen with you.
Wyoming requires all fees to be paid up front, and they charge 2.5% on top of whatever that number is.
Bighorn - - Tag is $2320.00 plus $15.00 application fee. That includes the $150.00 preference point fee that is nonrefundable. If you have 18 or so points, you probably know more than I do. If you don't. apply for unit 5. Odds in the random draw will be around 500 to 1. There is non wilderness, so you do not have to have a guide, and there is wilderness if you want a guide.
Moose - - Tag cost is $1982.00 plus the $15.00 application fee plus the 2.5%. That also includes the $150.00 preference point fee. I shot a bull in unit 34, but that will take points. Cathy filled in 38/41. Lot of tags there, so the random draw odds will be about 600 to 1.
Mountain goat - - Tag cost is $2162.00 plus the $15.00 plus the 2.5%. There is no preference points for goats. Worst odds and easiest, (if there is such a thing) is unit 2, in my opinion.
Bison - - Bull tag is $4402.00. Cow/calf is $2252.00. Odds last year were in double digits, so don't apply unless you want one. Odds are great. Success is good. Meat is great. Wear gloves.
Washington spring bear applications are due February 28th.
Lots of bears in Washington. Spring is a great time to be out there, and we need to get the bear population reduced. So apply and help with predator problem in the state.

See you at the Bighorn Show
Jerry Barron

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