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Calendar of Events

As Washington State slowly is opening up, we are trying to resume our meetings and events. Watch this page for our updates.

Calendar View

March, 2023

07 @ 6:00pm - - Board Meeting: Board meeting is at Perrenoud Roofing in the upstairs Board room. 7710 N. Freya rd. Spokane, WA 99217 The meal is hosted by Stan & Nate, the other board members are asked to bring a side dish. Social hour 5:30, meeting at 6:00pm

16 @ 12:00- 8:00pm - - Big Horn Show:

17 @ 12:00- 8:00pm - - Big Horn Show:

18 @ 10:00am-8:00pm - - Big Horn Show:

19 @ 10:00am- 4:00pm - - Big Horn Show:

April, 2023

02 @ 9:00am-2:00 pm - - Disabled Sportsman’s Shoot: Miller Ranch is the location of this event. More details the sooner we get to this event.

18 @ 6:00pm - - Board Meeting: Illinois Bar & Grill. Social hour at 5:30pm 1403 E Illinois ave Spokane, WA

June, 2023

24 @ 2:00pm - - BBQ/ Fundraiser / Track Chair give away: Details to follow