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Jerry Barron's Corner

UPDATED: March 19th, 2020 – Colorado added

Well, with no meetings, no eating out, no bar time, and a host of other places you can’t go because they are closed. You just as well spend the money you are saving to apply for some hunts. Just don’t look at your 401K !

Big Game Draws –
North Dakota Bighorn applications are due March 25th
North Dakota has Moose and Pronghorn, But Nonresidents can only apply for Bighorns. Apply by March 25 and later in June for deer. The Bighorn draw application is $100.00 and odds to the moon, but it is another chance.
Wyoming bison applications are due March 31st
I probably should not be cautious about applying, but there is a considerable percentage of bison there infected with brucellosis. A little caution and cooking it properly takes care of that issue.
deer and elk combination applications are due April 1st
Although, I have hunted a lot and killed a lot of deer in Montana, I don’t think of it as a trophy state. I have only seen one that would make B &C. They have generous seasons, and lots of deer, but unless you draw an area, or have access to some private land that everybody does not hunt, you are probably going to get a young deer.
Drawing a good area is tough. You must draw a tag, and then an area. They square the points (like Washington), but the area points are bonus, not preference, so you may never draw, and after a few years, your odds get worse every year even though your point totals keep going up.
There are some great elk in the Elkhorn Mountains, the Missouri river breaks and down in the southeast corner. If you willing to bear the cost, and if you know somebody and/or get lucky, you might get a great elk.

Colorado applications are due by April 7th
Colorado has a preference point system for deer, elk, and antelope. Moose, Rocky Mountain sheep and mountain goat require that you apply 3 years, and accumulate 3 preference points, and after that you are eligible to draw a tag and you have the option to buy a “weighted” point. Desert sheep do not have a point system.
Colorado requires the applicant to purchase a $82.75 small game license, and a $10.13 habitat stamp. Then the application is $9.00 per species. The point fee for Rocky Mountain sheep, moose and mountain goat is $100.00. There is no charge for the deer, antelope, and elk points.
Antelope—Colorado is not the best state for the speedy goats. The good areas are either hard to draw, or if easy to draw, it will be private land.
Deer---Colorado does try to make the hunts better by offering 4 different seasons in a lot of areas. Not as many hunters in the field at the same time. It is easy to draw a tag, but the better areas take a lot of points. I have waited for years to try for unit 21 by the Utah border. Low elevation, lots of access via the oilfield roads and pretty good deer. But, now, with multiple seasons, and plenty of permits and an infestation of feral horses there, I am now looking north of there.
Elk – Lots of tags available and lots of elk. But, like anywhere else, the good tags take a ton of points. I am holding out and gaining points for the Northwest corner.
Moose --- I suspect that a moose tag in Colorado is as good as you can get in the lower 48. That may not be the case in a few years, as wolves have been observed there, and we all know what happens nest.
Mountain goat--- Good success in most units. Be aware that Colorado is South of us, but the mountains are tall, really tall.
Bighorns---You must apply for one species, or the other. You cannot apply for both
Rocky Mountain Sheep --- Again, the mountains are tall, and in most of the areas that Colorado offers nonresident tags: the sheep are there, but the air is rare.
Desert Sheep---- Remember that the desert sheep do not have a point system, so unlike the Rocky Mountain sheep, you do not have to accumulate the three preference points and the be behind those with more bonus points. I have looked around the desert sheep areas. Might consider hunting where the sign on the highway says “Bighorn crossing”

Jerry Barron

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