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Jerry Barron's Corner

UPDATED: MAY 22, 2024

Big Game Draws Wyoming applications for deer and antelope are due May 31st April.The good part is that you are not required to purchase a hunting license to apply. The bad part is that you are required to submit the cost of the tag with the application. There is a point system. The point system is preference. The trick here is to apply in areas that also have random draw, because extra points do not help in the random draw. However, only 75% of the tags go to preference, so 25% are up for anybody and points do not count in the random draw. The cost of a deer tag in Wyoming is less than half of Montana.

California applications are due June 1st California require that you purchase a hunting license for a little over $200.00. Applications cost a little over $8.00 per species. I know “California, the land of fruits and nuts”. You must use non lead ammunition. But, looking at the odds. Applying in California is not that bad and there is adequate public land to enjoy a good hunt. There is a preference point system, but each draw does have tags that go to the random draw Arizona applications for bison, deer and sheep are due June 4th Arizona applications require that you first purchase a hunt license for $160.00, then each application costs $15.00. Tag fees are charged if you draw. There is a chance to draw in the random draw, though not a good one.

Idaho applications for elk, deer and antelope are due June 5th First, you must buy a $195.00 license, then spend 18.00 for each application. Remember that if you applied previously for Moose, or sheep. You have your application quota filled. You cannot apply for these species. You will only need the money for the tag if you draw. There is no point system in Idaho, so everybody has the same chance. Utah applications for antlerless are due June 19th

I have come full circle. Started out as a meat hunter. Always have been, but I got to a point where I wanted the meat to come from the oldest and biggest, I could find. I still hunt trophies, but I drew a cow elk tag in Nevada, and I hope to get a yearling. Sorta changed to want quality meat sometimes instead of quality horns. Utah offers cow tags for moose and elk, doe tags for antelope, and deer, and ewe tags for sheep. I think these tags are bonus, rather than preference, so everybody has a chance. You can put some good meat in the freezer,and look at the money you save for taxidermy.

Jerry Barron

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